Talking your baby from the day they are born helps its development.

Within minutes of a baby being born, they are looking around for faces. They will examine everything they see. Move your mouth slowly and stick out your tongue.

As soon as they baby is born, they will recognise your voice. They listen to it immediately so keep talking to them.

Children are born with a wide range of emotions. Their faces shine with pleasure.

Their muscles will soon develop and they will soon have the ability to smile.

Even though children do not have the ability to speak until they are about a year old, that does not mean that they do not want to speak.

When they are moving their mouths, parents should talk to them, praising the story that they are telling!

As the weeks go by, the baby will look at your for longer periods of time while making gurgling sounds and croaking. Chat with them, making sounds that replicate what the child is doing.

Games are a great way to chat. There is no need for toys. Count the child’s toes or tickle their feet.

Play music with the child- even if your own singing ability isn’t great.

Like adults, a child’s mood is sometimes not great due to hunger or fatigue. Respect the child’s need to have quiet time.