Learning starts at a very early stage. Children listen to their mother’s voice, even when they are still in the womb. They start learning and developing socially the minute they are born.

It is said that the first four years of a person’s life is the period in which they learn the most. Parents are, therfore, is the first teacher that a child has.

Learning happens as soon as a child sees their parents’ faces. They notice the joy of laughter as well as other emotions that can be read on the faces of humans. They tend to be chattering, babbling, crying and laughing. They begin to imitate people, play and pretend. A child develops a sense of self.

The link with the parents develops at an early point and, in parallel with this, a fear of strangers.

The child feels safe when there is a good relationship between them and their parents. Activities with them will build self-esteem.

Parents can help with the social development of the child through:

  • Talking to them as if they were an adult
  • Reading books together
  • Playing jigsaw puzzles together
  • Playing word games with them
  • Engaging in music
  • Taking part in parent and toddler groups, and
  • Going to the shops, library and park.